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प्यासा सा मैं
सावन तुम मेरी 🌧️
मुसाफिर सा मैं
मंज़िल तुम मेरी ⛰️
भौंरा हूँ मैं
सुमन तुम मेरी 🌷
और तो और
अगर रसगुल्ला हूँ मैं
तो चासनी तुम मेरी 😄
आखिर कौन हो “तुम”?? 🤔
शायद “वही”
जिसकी हर अदा रंगीन है
जिसका हर मिज़ाज़ हसीन है
हां वही हो “तुम”
मेरे दिल की धड़कन ❤️
मेरे गुलशन में बाहार
लाने वाली “कली “… 😘

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A girl I dream of “now”… My dream girl!!!

I like poems. But, I don’t know how to express my feelings in a poetic manner. I don’t know about rhythm. All I believe is “when you earnestly express something straight from your heart, it’s magical”So, here I am sharing my inner feelings with you. 🙂

Earlier I was naive in this domain. All I wanted was a “loving” girl. A girl who loves me. A girl who cares for me. Average looking with a kind heart that was my bar. It’s not that I am selfish. I would have sacrificed my everything for her. I would have loved her so much. So, this was my small aspiration.

But after my bitter experience, now I just dream of a girl who stays by my side till this ephemeral life ends. I don’t need any other quality, now. Beauty is now vague for me. Intelligence and talents are now futile. I learnt from my experience that all you need someone who is there with you, no matter what. The one whom you can call “mine”. I have seen beautiful faces, mature people leaving in a blink of eye. People who promise big but render nothing.

I agree that this life is uncertain. We don’t know about what happens next moment. But, I need you till we collapse. I will be there for you. I don’t need anything now. Just be on my side. You will be my world, my sunshine, my everything. You may not be the most beautiful or intelligent being out there but that doesn’t has any relation for my love for you. I will not impose myself on you. You will be free, I promise. I promise you freedom, love, care and support till my last breath. You just need to “stay”. 

I need a girl who is deeply hurt. I want to give solace to your soul in every way possible. I know what it feels like to be hurt. I know you would understand me better. We can be panacea for each other. I am selfish in a way that I don’t want you to go away from me. I am childish in a way that I need you to stay with me till my last breath. I am not “modern”. I am a simple boy. I need a simple life with a cute wife who will be always by my side hehehe I tried rhyming. 

At last, I would rest my words by saying,

“Mujhe teri panahein milein…Rehne ko teri baahein milein..Jana hai kahan…….tere siwa”

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My 5 line love story!!

I was seeking “happiness” and I found her.

I forsaken “my happiness”. I started vision of “our happiness”.

We made a mansion built of hopes and faith.

Then, one day, she thought of “her happiness”. Maybe she found it elsewhere.

She left me for “her happiness”, and I was left again only with a thirst of “happiness” which I always sought.

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Self esteem v/s Love?? Ever encountered this 😊

Hi there my friend!!! 😊 I wish and hope everything is going fine in your life. I have a question for you “Have you ever faced the dilemma between love and self esteem?“. Take your time.

Ready with an answer. I know 99% of you have encountered this. The other 1% are lucky as they escaped the tough decision to be taken.

Do you know “True love is inversely related to self” which means that the more you think about “self”, the less you are in “true” love. So, this question in real sense is vague and futile.


We live in a society where nothing is “TRUE/PURE”, so now our question is valid. We are talking about just “love” not “true love”, in modern sense. So, now we have to choose one. I guess most of you felt the emotion called “love”. If so, you also experienced that when you love someone, you value yourself quite less and does all things for your “beloved” person. That’s natural as you are in “love”.


Then why after doing all, you are “empty” or “unsatisfied” or “hurt”?? Have you ever thought about it? It’s because you chose someone who doesn’t gave you what you needed most (love). You didn’t needed anything, you just needed simple care and love. But, you got nothing. You sacrificed your “self esteem”. You bear all humiliation with smile. You ignored yourself for “someone”. They utterly used you, but you said nothing as you felt this was a part of love. Then, one fine day, you move on as now you have nothing left to give. You renounce such people as now you are broke. You want to relive your “esteem” as you realized your real worth.


Blindly, it’s “TRUE LOVE” which is superior to self esteem. But, “love” for a person who doesn’t see you as a priority or for a person who left you at some point after promising you a “forever together” future is futile and inferior to self esteem. Sacrifice yourself for someone who cares and loves you immensely, don’t do such dangerous act for just someone you just like. You will destroy yourself if you does so.

People who love you immensely: GOD, PARENTS, ONE OR TWO FRIENDS, ONE TRUE LOVER that’s it. Apart from them, don’t lose yourself for anyone. You can fall instantly in “liking”, but loving a wrong person leaves you with long lasting implications. So, take your time. Be patient. When you are sure “He/She is the one”, just “fall” as now that person will hold you in his/her arm and pulls you near and kiss your forehead and gives you what you always needed, a love which is pure and tender.



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Glory to my Lord Shiva

Interview questions: IIT ROPAR PhD Electrical Engineering

I applied for SPCOM. This year, IIT Ropar conducted interviews of shortlisted candidates.

Questions asked:

  1. A brief introduction (Primarily academics)
  2. Brief about the project in one minute.
  3. 5–8 Questions based on the project. (You should know all w’s:- what, why, where,…and how also 😅)
  4. What are FIR and IIR filters?
  5. y(n) = x(n-1) + x(n); Which filter it is?
  6. Compute Z transform of the above system.
  7. What is the equation of a line? For example, draw a line having a 45-degree inclination and passing through 1 on the y-axis? What’s its equation? Is this a linear system?
  8. Why do we need modulation?
  9. What is WDM?
  10. What are the advantages of WDM?

Interview experience and tip:

Professors are very kind and humble. They give you hints when you are stuck. They need your approach rather than your memory-based answers. Prepare signals and systems well if you are interested in signal processing. Engineering and 10th level mathematics is essential. Primarily: Geometry, Linear Algebra, and Probability.

All the best!

#1 Love story (Part 1)

From now on, I am gonna share with you. The real life “love” stories based on real incidents. So, let’s begin. I am sharing this story of my school friend. I will be narrating the story as a protagonist, so don’t mistake that’s mine. I will share mine too “someday”. 🙂 Enjoy!!

I was born and raised in a middle class family. As my father is in armed forces, I was raised with discipline. So, I had no time to indulge in any of the “wrong acts”. Also, I was a sincere student and rather say studious as I wanted to settle down my career as early as possible. You can say kinda “nerd”. I am quite formal I guess which turns off girls that’s my guess too. But, when I am with guys I am at cloud 9.

Now, here comes the love part.

Hmmm, back then I had crushes in school. But, as I said I didn’t want to be distracted in any way. So, I restrained myself. And fortunately, I got into a government college to pursue “ENGINEERING”. I thought that something would change. But to my dismay, there also the same routine followed. Studying, eating, sleeping, porn(my savior) – repeat. This was my cycle. No love was there in my story until I met “her”.


She was quite an introvert and this intrigued me. She was not the usual girl. She didn’t had friends. She was a lone wolf. No talking, no chatting, no pictures. Opposite of social butterfly you may call her. This was she. We started to talk about notes. And we continued to talk later on about “notes” only. She took my number and used to ping me for “notes” in exam time. Sometimes, I wished that she should ping me for “just talking or rather sharing what she feels, how she perceive things..etc”. But that day didn’t come. We continued in this way. As the time passed, my feeling for her got strong. I don’t know how, why, what but all I know was yes “I am feeling IT”. My heart started racing when I saw her or even her message. She started having a sheer percentage of my thoughts.

I restrained as I wanted to focus on studies. But, it was hard. Really, hard for me to control that outburst. So, one fine dark night, when all the world was sleeping tight, me and my feelings were awake. And somehow my feelings convinced me to confess her what I feel. So, I did surgical strike. I messaged her at 3 AM. Maybe I should say “paragraphed” her. Long long texts. Now, came the tough part.

It was really hard to be patient and wait for seen and reply. I crossed my fingers. There was no sight of dizziness at 4 AM, no worry of any hunger either, I was just worried about my “result”. I was so tensed. It felt like I have murdered someone. And yes, do I told you “It was my first proposal and confession ever!!”. I waited, and waited, and waited. Then at around 1 PM my message was seen.

Do you want to have part 2? Tell me in comments. Till then take care and thanks for reading. 🙂



Oh! Desire…..

  • Many are the inaccessible and perilous places I have travelled and yet obtained no riches; sacrificing proper dignity of birth and social position, in vain have I served the rich; like the crows have I fed myself, devoid of self-respect, at the house of others in the expectation of gain; and yet, oh! Desire, thou prompter of evil deeds, thou art waxing lustier and art not still satisfied.
  • The earth have I digged into in quest of precious minerals, and metals from rocks have I smelted; the ocean have I crossed, and the favour of kings have I diligently sought; nights have I spent on burning grounds with my mind occupied with mantras and worship;1 and not even a broken cowrie have I obtained; be satisfied, therefore, oh Desire!
  • In our servile attendance on the (wealthy) wicked, their shabby manners and talk we have somehow put up with; suppressing tears that welled up from our hearts,
    we have smiled out of vacant minds; obeisance we have made to dullards stultified by too much wealth; in what more fooleries wouldst thou have me dance, oh Desire, thou of ungratified yearning!
  • What have we not endeavoured to do, with our depraved conscience, for the sake of our pránas (five vital forces) which are unreliable and compared to water on the
    leaves of a lotus, since in the presence of the rich, with their minds stupefied by the pride of wealth, we have shamelessly committed the sin of recounting our own merits! [According to the scriptures, self-glorification is tantamount even to the sin of suicide.]
  • We have forgiven, but not out of forgiveness (but out of our incapacity to right our wrongs); we have renounced the comforts of home life, but not out of contentment after satisfaction (but as an exile from home in quest of riches); though we have suffered inclemencies of weather, cold and heat so difficult to bear, still it is not religious austerities that we have undergone; with subdued vital forces, night and day have we brooded on money and not on the feet of Lord Siva; thus we have performed those very acts which the munis (saintly recluses) do perform, but of their good effects we have deprived ourselves.
  • Worldly pleasures have not been enjoyed by us, but we ourselves have been devoured; no religious austerities have been performed, but we ourselves have become scorched; time is not gone (being ever present and infinite), but we ourselves are gone (because of approaching death). Desire is not reduced in force, though we ourselves are reduced to senility.
  • The face has been attacked with wrinkles, the head has been painted white with grey hair, the limbs are all enfeebled; but desire alone is rejuvenating.
  • Though my compeers, dear to me as life, have all taken such a speedy flight to heaven (before being overtaken by old age); though the impulse for enjoyment is wearied out and the respect commanded from all persons lost; though my sight is obstructed by deep blindness (or cataract) and the body can raise itself but slowly on the staff; still, alas for its silliness, this body startles at the thought of dissolution by death!
  • I do not find the virtuous distinction produced (by ceremonial observances) through life after life to be conducive to well-being, for the sum of such virtuous merits when weighed in mind inspires fear in me. Enjoyments earned by great accession of merit, multiply so greatly in the case of people attached to them, only to bring them misery and peril!
  • The objects of enjoyment, even after staying with us for a long time, are sure to leave us sometime; then what difference does their privation in this way make to men, that they do not of their own accord discard them? If the enjoyments leave us on their own initiative, i.e., if they tear themselves from us, they produce great affliction of the mind; but if men voluntarily renounce them, they conduce to the eternal bliss of self-possession.
  • When the mouth is parched with thirst, man takes some cold refreshing (or sweetened) drink; when suffering from hunger he swallows boiled rice made delicious with meat and the like; when set on fire by lust, he fast embraces his wife; so happiness is but remedying these diseases (of hunger, thirst and lust); and behold, how man (i.e., his sense) is upset in its quest!
  • In enjoyment, there is the fear of disease; in social position, the fear of falling-off; in wealth, the fear of (hostile) kings; in honour, the fear of humiliation; in power, the fear of enemies; in beauty, the fear of old age; in scriptural erudition, the fear of opponents; in virtue, the fear of traducers; in body, the fear of death. All the things of this world pertaining to man are attended with fear; renunciation alone stands for fearlessness.


If you are fearful of falling in love, then….

Hi 🙂

I will not preach anything as I don’t have any authority to do so. But, as a friend I want to converse with you.

You know what “I KNOW YOU”. Yes, “YOU”. Don’t be shocked. I just know “what you want”. The answer is “LOVE/HAPPINESS”.

“LOVE” is synonym of “HAPPINESS” or vice-versa. Don’t separate them.

Now, we come to “our” title. “If you are fearful of falling in love, then….”, you shouldn’t be. It’s funny. Don’t be scared.


The reason is quite simple. “YOU WANT HAPPINESS, RIGHT?”. Therefore, you shouldn’t be fearful of falling in “love” as this is the only way to reach “happiness”.


I told you “I know you”. So, I know your subconscious mind too. “He is not fearful of falling in love, rather he is fearful of falling in love with “wrong” person.” Right? You have bitter experience of “LOVE”. So, you don’t want to get hurt again.

Now, question arises about how come we find the “right” one???

Answer is simple and already before you. But, you don’t accept. If you don’t know then just ponder on “WHO LOVES ME MOST??”. It’s a hint.

Till then, take care.

Your dear friend. 🙂



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